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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility: to avoid creating unnecessary impediments, for people and devices, to accessing the content of a web site.” — Tommy Olsson

If you have comments about the accessibility of the National City Police Department website, please contact us and let us know.

Accessibility Standards

This site is in full compliance with the U.S. Government §508 Guidelines, and we attempt to go even beyond. We’ve done our best to support the voluntary Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, and believe we reach level AA.


The markup code marks up the different semantic components of a page. Our site is written in HTML 4.01 strict, and all pages validate in the W3C validator. Our CSS is valid, but does not validate due to our use of YUI. YUI gives us consistent font sizing across multiple browsers, versions, and platforms, and unfortunately we had to sacrafice CSS validation for this.

Design and Layout

All design and layout on our site is done through CSS style sheets, not tables and inline images. A small exception is the photo gallery which uses some tables to please older browsers. Browsers which don’t support our style sheets will receive the same content, but without the design.


Any client-side scripting is not required, and our site works fine when client-side scripting is not supported or disabled.


Any images that convey information on our site are given a text equivalent, except images used for purely design purposes.

User Style Sheets

This site has an easy to use CSS signature. This makes it easier to use client side stylesheets to change the layout or design of this site.

Browser Support

Our website isn’t written to support certain browsers or not, it is written to the web standards. Our site is written in HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS. Any browser that can understand these standards should work fine. However, different browsers have different quality implementations of these standards, and all browsers contain bugs.

Our site works in nearly every browser tested. If you are using a recent version of your browser of choice, it should work. Our site has been tested and verified to work in Firefox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Opera 7.0+, Safari 2.0+, Netscape 7+, FlockEpiphany 2.20+, SeaMonkey1.0+, and Camino 1.5+. Our site should work on any browser using a recent version of the Gecko, Trident, or KHTML/WebKit rendering systems. We have gone to great lengths to have the widest compatability possible.